Froome Smoothies is truly nothing else but real fruits. No preservatives or frozen puree pre-mix, without adding water, no concentrates, no sugar and artificial sweeteners, no flavorings and colorings.

Froome Smoothies
Raspberry & Blackberry
24 strained raspberries,
3 strained blackberries,
9 strained bilberries 2 squeezed apples,
1 squeezed orange,
½ pureed banana
Froome Smoothies
Strawberry & Banana
8 strained strawberries,
½ pureed banana/
2½ squeezed apples,
1 squeezed orange
Froome Smoothies
Mango & Peach
½ pureed mango,
½ pureed peach,
½ pureed banana,
1 squeezed orange,
2½ squeezed apples
Froome Smoothies
Apple & Ginger
2½ squeezed apples,
some grated ginger
a couple of lemon drops
1 squeezed orange, ½ pureed banana, 1 teaspoon honey

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